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It gets old, doesn’t it?

… Watching tour pros blast 350-yard drives while you struggle to reach par 4s in two.

… Doing everything modern instruction tells you to, only to end up with a sore back and puny tee shots.

… Hitting it low, short and crooked despite all the so-called advances in equipment technology.

And to think, this game is supposed to be fun.

Good news: It can be. And it will be.

IF… and only IF… you’re ready to try something vastly different from what you’ve been taught for the last 10 or 20 years.

That may sound hard. It’s anything but.

All you have to do is listen to renowned teacher Todd Kolb, who’s here to show you – the golfer with a little less ability than the young bucks, but a huge passion for improvement – an easy way to add the yards you need to make golf fun again.

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6 Swing Killers Included

Fix your golf swing by fixing these 6 aspects and be on your way to a better swing and better scores in a matter of minutes

Swing Killer #1

Flat Backswing – How a widely taught method actually shortens your swing (and your shots), and how to quickly fix the problem.

Swing Killer #2

Right Knee Flex – Modern instruction caters to great young players. This lesson will help you gain easy, pain-free distance.

Swing Killer #3

X Factor – Restricting your hips is detrimental to your swing and health. Todd shows you a better way to turn for more effortless power.

Swing Killer #4

Full Swing vs. Abbreviated Swing – Drive it longer and stay out of the trees with Todd’s three-quarter swing tip.

Swing Killer #5

Spin the Hips – If you suffer from this swing killer, you probably slice a lot of shots. This video will put a stop to that.

Swing Killer #6

Flipping at Impact – Why is it so hard to square the clubface? It’s not – when you follow the simple advice in this great lesson.

Todd Kolb is one of today's great Golf Coaches and Instructors, with numerous accolades and awards...not to mention trophies!

PGA Teaching Professional 

Todd Kolb

3X Golf Digest Top Instructor

25+ Year Instructor

LPGA Major Champion Coach

"Before I just adjusted my feet, aimed left and hoped to hit it straight. Now it’s just a change in setup. You’re still using your original swing, you haven’t changed anything there; just the way you’re standing, and I added nearly 30 yards. Everybody wants to add a little distance. Even if it doesn’t add the distance, maybe it straightens you out. I’m 40 years old and do things the way I do them, so the less things I have to adjust and the more I stick to the swing I’ve always used, it just makes it easier."

Jay Nelson


Get Free, Instant Access to Todd Kolb’s Power Mini-Clinic – A Series Of Short, Easy-to-Follow Lessons Designed to Help Any Golfer (Regardless of Age, Fitness or Skill Level) Gain Up to 30 Yards Off the Tee

Todd’s been teaching since the mid-1990s, and he’s firmly established as one of America’s top instructors. He’s been named the No. 1 teacher in South Dakota by Golf Digest while coaching numerous pros, including a LPGA major winner.
But Todd’s real specialty is helping everyday golfers like you play the best golf of their lives.
In an era when power is king, that means squeezing every last yard from your current swing.
Watch the Power Mini-Clinic and you’ll learn a bevy of secrets for doing just that. Things like:

How to eliminate the three “death moves” that are killing your power. (Moves a misguided coach may have actually taught you.)

Why “get your hands deep on the backswing” is terrible advice – and what to do instead.

How restricting your hip turn actually hurts your distance… and your body.

Todd’s incredibly simple yet highly effective “Vertical Line Backswing,” which any golfer can master with minimal practice (even if your flexibility is limited).

The game-changing advice Todd gave a student named Bill, who immediately started crushing his drives as the pressure on his back and shoulders disappeared.

Easy drills that will have you launching the ball higher, longer and straighter than you realized was possible.

There’s no weightlifting. No fitness routine. No complicated swing maneuvers that only a contortionist (or a tour pro) could accomplish.
There’s nothing to pay, either.
Just enter your best email address in the space provided, and we’ll send you the first Power Mini-Clinic video right away.
Watch the short, info-packed lessons, try Todd’s tips and drills, and before you know it you’ll be keeping up with the youngsters, blowing it past your buddies and enjoying golf like never before.